Fisheries Port Management and Development

The main objectives of the Department: 

  • Developing modern fishing ports and quays to support future growth of the fisheries sector
  • Ensuring optimum usage of fishing ports and revenue generations for fishing port activities
  • Adopting new technologies and practices to improve port services to the fisheries sector
  • Ensure an adequate supply of ice to fishermen

The functions of the Unit for Infrastructure Development

  • Develop and implement port infrastructure plan
  • Manage and administrate fishing ports and associated services
  • Ensure that the required maintenances are undertaken on port facilities and infrastructures such as anchoring buoys, navigation aids, lights in fishing ports etc…
  • Ensure the proper management of all ice plants ensuring that all the ice machines, cold store and blast freezer are well maintained and serviced as to run and produce to optimum capacityOversee the proper and prompt collection of revenue from the sales of ice , fuel, water & electricity
  • Promote safety at sea by overseeing the installation and maintaining navigation aids and lights, clearing of channels and passes.

Port Management

The Seychelles Fishing Authority SFA administers the 3 Fishing ports in Seychelles. Victoria Fishing Port, Providence Fishing Port and Bel Ombre Fishing Port.

Providence Fishing Port is the largest fishing port on Mahe after Victoria. The quay length which measures 3i6 meters serviced over 50 fishing boats on average weekly for loading and unloading, refuel and berthing. Other facilities include storage units, 3 ice plants with a production capacity of 25 tons per day, fresh water and a fuel depot .

The Victoria Fishing Port overall length of quay is 350 meters and has an ice plant with production capacity of 10 tons per day, fresh water and a fuel depot. Whereas for the Bel Ombre Fishing Port it is being considered for redevelopment.

Ice Plants 

DISTRICT Make of the Machine  CAPACITY (Ton) Commissioned
Bel Ombre Japanese Mycom   NH3 (2 units of 2.5 tons each) 5 2010
Bel Ombre  Ziegra Containerize R404 10 2016
Fishing Port Victoria  Ziegra Containerize R404 10 2015
  Snowkey R404  5 2020
Anse Royale Japanese  Mycom R22  5 2002
Providence Japanese Phase 1 Mycom  NH3 (2 units of 5 tons each ) 10 2009
Japanese Phase 2  Mycom  NH3 (2 units of 5 tons each) 10 2018
Snowkey  5 2020
Anse a La Mouche Japanese  Mycom R 22  2.5 1995
Snowkey   5 2020
Praslin Snowkey  5 2020
La Digue  Kholler  3 2019
La Retraite  Snowkey  5 2020
Actual production    80.5  


Ice Subsidies 

Cost of water and electricity for the year 2020 to 2022

Navigation Aids

There are nine leading lights that have been installed in dangerous passes outside Port Victoria around Mahe and Praslin and every year diving surveys are undertaken and they are serviced and maintained. These lights which are fitted on floated buoys are placed in dangerous access channels supported by heavy concrete sinkers which act as mooring. Their principal aim is to guide fishermen to negotiate access safer to and from fishing grounds.

Deepening of Channels

Work has been undertaken on the Au cap Channel in December 2019 and on L’Union and La Pass Magnan on La Digue in January 2020 following numerous complaints from fishermen in these areas. Dead corals has been blasted in certain parts of these channels as to deepen them so that the fishermen could have a safer passage especially during low tide. Work was undertaken by SFA in collaboration with the Seychelles Coast Guard.





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