Fisheries Management

The sustainable management of marine resources in Seychelles is the responsibility of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) as stipulated in the Fisheries Act 1986. The SFA is therefore responsible for the preparation, implementation and review of management plans for the long-term sustainability and optimal utilization of marine resources. Management decisions are based on the economic viability, sustainability or conversations of stocks. The Fisheries Act makes provision for the management, conservation and protection of fisheries and marine resources. The current Fisheries Act is being reviewed a new one proposed to address several emerging issues in view of all the developments that have occurred over the past decades.

Fisheries Management is guided by the Fisheries Act whereby licensing of vessels is by far the most used regulatory measure, for almost all fisheries, in Seychelles. Precautionary approach is frequently adopted to ensure the sustainability of resources since the baseline data on the status of certain stocks is lacking. SFA is also gradually adopting the co-management approach to fisheries management which also forms part of the Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries (EAF), which is a Food and Agriculture (FAO) concept.

The Fisheries Management Unit's Objectives

Prepare Policy papers with regards to fisheries management

Developing and implementing sustainable fisheries management plans

Ensuring that the fisheries resources are utilized according to principles of ecologically sustainable development

Minimising impact on non-targeted species and by-catch

Ensuring that regulations, measures and international obligations are met and adhered to by related fishing activities. 


Co-management Plan for the Mahe Plateau Trap and Line Fishery

         (i)  Co-management Plan for the Mahe Plateau trap and line fishery

       (ii)  Mahe Plateau Co-Management Plan Measures

      (iii)  Mahé Plateau trap and line fishery co-management plan, 2020

      (iv)  Fisheries (Mahé Plateau Trap and Line Fishery) Regulations, 2021


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